Espar Heaters

Espar Heaters - Well Constructed And Eco-Friendly

Espar heaters are some of the world’s very best automotive heaters. AnEspar heater operates independentlyof a vehicle’s engine, making it ideal for efficiency and long use. Because of its independence, theEspar heater can be used to pre-heat a vehicle’s cabin and engine compartment without idling, making them perfect for cold weather climates where conventional engines often fail to perform consistently.

In cold climates, many vehicles require specialized heating devices that are hooked into the engine and then tied into a grid connection in order to keep the vehicles operational. Espar heaters are incorporated into the vehicle’s power supply, allowing them to operate independently from any outside power sources. These heaters can be remotely operated, allowing for both convenient and effective operations.

From the moment the heater receives its starting signal, the glow plug is warmed up in the heater and the metering pump brings the necessary fuel into the system. Once this is done, the burner motor starts working and the fan delivers combustion air into the heating elements of the device. Then the fuel-air mixture bursts into a controlled flame, thus heating the air that is forced over the heater and into the vehicle's passenger and engine compartments. In all, the Espar heater system is one of the most efficient heaters on the market today.

There are two types of Espar heaters available to customers. The first type is the Hydronic Coolant Heater. These systems are incorporated into the vehicle's engine cooling system. The thermal energy of the hot water that is circulated in a cooling system is captured in the Espar Hydronic Coolant Heater and is then distributed by the automobile's own heat exchanger to the interior and engine compartment of the vehicle by the vehicle's existing air vents. Because the system makes use of the existing thermal heat of a vehicle's cooling system, it greatly increases efficiency while achieving the same effect of an idling engine.

The second type of heater available from Espar is the Airtronic Air Heater System. The EsparAirtronic Air Heater is independent from the vehicle's heating system and engine. It draws in cool air from the exterior of the vehicle before heating it and circulating it into the cabin and engine compartment. EsparAirtronic Air Heaters are great for any commercial vehicle. These heaters can be installed in either the luggage compartment or in the cab of any vehicle, and with their digital controls they are wonderful devices for keeping your cabin warm and comfortable. Because the Airtronic Air Heater System uses fresh air, it is able to heat up a passenger compartment much faster than just about any other type of heater on the market. This allows owners to have comfortable, warm cabins without ever having to leave their house in the morning.

Esparheaters are well-engineered devices that provide both quality and value to their users. These systems have become vital to large industrial engines as well as trucks and busses; even the military has begun to implement Espar heaters into their equipment. Our customers have found that Espardevices are some of the most well-constructed and durable heaters available for diesel vehicles.

We have been in the business of automotive and marine heating devices for over 30 years where we have been a leading innovator in Espar applications. We are the original manufacture of the Rite-Temp heating system and have worked on projects that heated a 300-gallon hydraulic oil tank in large mining excavators.

When you come to us for anEspar device, you can be confident that you are getting the very best. Whether it’s cars, trucks, boats, or construction equipment, Lubrication Specialist can provide you with the proper heater and installation parts for your specific needs.