Truck Heater Options for Cold Mornings

Anyone who knows the pain of getting into acold truck cab has wished for a better way to start their day. Waiting, huddled over in your jacket, for the engine to warm up can be a picture of shivering agony. To save ourselves from this uncomfortable ordeal, many of us will idle our truck until the inside becomes habitable. However, there is a much better solution than wasting diesel tocold start our motors, and it comes in the form of an Espar truck heater.

Espar truck heaters work independently from the vehicle’s engine to produce heat that warmsboth the cabin and engine bay. This means you save fuel while reducing strain on your engine as you use the Espar heater to preheat your vehicle. These small, efficient devices are perfect for cold weather where cold truck cabins are all too familiar.

For many vehicles, cold starting the engine is not an option. Often vehicles will depend on a specialized heating device that connects to a power grid. By installing an Espar heater, you eliminate the need for an electrical hook up, giving you the mobility to travel anywhere your truck can take you.

From the moment your heater receives its remote start signal, it begins to warm up the internal glow plug before igniting a small diesel flame that burns to deliver efficient, safe heat to your truck. This heat is delivered in two unique ways. One option delivers heat directly into your vehicle’s cooling system, using thermal energy to disperse heat using the truck’s own heat exchange system. Because this system is built into the engine itself,it achieves the same effect as idling your engine, but with dramatically increased efficiency.

The second technique utilizes an Airtronic air heating system. This technique uses a heater that is installed independently from the existing engine. It heats air drawn from the exterior of the vehicle before circulating it through the cabin and engine compartment. These heaters can be installed in either the cab or luggage compartments and, as with all Espar heaters, come with digital controls that allow for remote startup and other customizable features.

Espar truck heaters are brilliantly engineered and built to ensure long lasting results with exceptional durability. At Lubrication Specialist, we take great pride in the quality of the products we sell.We have been in the business of automotive and marine heating devices for over 30 years, where we have been a leading innovator in Espar applications.

It is our goal to match you and your vehicle with the products that will best serve your needs, and our experienced professionals are readily available to talk you through our list of products to determine best fit. We are more than happy to answer all your questions and make sure that you are confident and informed when you decide to purchase your Espar truck heater.