Airtronic Heaters

Espar Airtronic Heater

As soon as the heater receives its starting pulse, the following processes are triggered by the central control unit:

  • Automatic safety check.
  • The burner motor starts, the combustion space in pre-ventilated, the glow plug is warmed up, the metering pump conveys fuel.
  • The glow plug ignites the fuel-air mixture, the flame is formed.
  • The hot combustion gases flow through the heat exchanger.
  • The hot air fan draws in room air or fresh air.
  • The heat of the combustion gases is transferred by the heat exchanger to this hot air.

Airtronic Heater


EsparAirtronic heaters use fresh air, pulled through a diesel combustion system, to provide a smooth, consistent source of heated air for vehicle cabins and engine compartments. Espar heaters utilize both timers and remotes to make them a joy to live with. Once the system is ignited,it providessafe, heated air at very little cost to the user. They are perfect for trucks and campers traveling in cold weather climates that need a reliable source of warmth for both the passengers and the engine.