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Espar Heaters

Espar Heaters - Well Constructed And Eco-Friendly
Espar heaters are some of the world's very best automotive heaters. A Espar heater designed to work independent of a vehicle's engine and this provides added advantages not seen in other heating devices for automobiles. Because the heater is independent, it can be used to pre-heat the automobile's passenger cabin and the engine compartment. Many other vehicle's heating systems are incorporated within the vehicle's engine and this can be problematic in cold climates.

In cold climates, many vehicles require specialized heating devices that are hooked into the engine and then tied into a grid connection in order to keep the vehicle's operational. Espar heaters are hooked into the vehicle's electrical system and fuel system and are able to be used to heat the vehicle passenger compartment and the engine compartment separate from any outside connection of any kind. An Espar heater can then be remotely turned on by a fob or a digital timer and this can be ideal for setting up a pre-heating process for the automobile's engine and passenger compartments.

From the moment the heater receives its starting signal, the glow plug is warmed up in the heater and the metering pump brings the necessary fuel into the system. Once this is done, the burner motor starts working and the fan delivers combustion air into the heating elements of the device. Then the fuel-air mixture bursts into a controlled flame thus heating the air that is forced over the heater and into the vehicle's passenger and engine compartments. In all, the Espar heater system is one of the most efficient seen in any automotive heater on the market today.

There are two types of Espar heaters available to customers. The first type is the Hydronic Coolant Heater. Espar Hydronic Coolant Heaters are incorporated with the vehicle's engine cooling system. The thermal energy of the hot water that is circulated in a cooling system is captured in the Espar Hydronic Coolant Heater and is then distributed by the automobile's own heat exchanger to the interior and engine compartment of the vehicle by the vehicle's existing air vents. Because the system makes use of the existing thermal heat of a vehicle's cooling system, it cuts down on a vehicle's emissions greatly and helps any vehicle mounting an Espar heating device to be extremely eco-friendly.

The second type of heater available from Espar is the Airtronic Air Heater System. The Espar Airtronic Air Heater is independent from the vehicle's heating system and from the engine. It draws in cool air from outside that it then heats up and delivers to the automobile's interior. Espar Airtronic Air Heaters are great for any commercial vehicle. These heaters can be in stalled in either the luggage compartment or in the cab of any vehicle and with their digital controls are a device that make the passenger compartment very comfortable. Because the Airtronic Air Heater System works using outside air, it is able to heat up a passenger compartment much faster than just about any other type of heater on the market. To put it simply, there may be no better way to keep a vehicle heated than with an Airtronic Air Heater System.

The heaters made by Espar are top-quality devices that are excellently constructed and provide the most value possible to their users. Many customers have been pleased with the heaters that Espar produces and both the Airtronic and Hydronic Heater Systems have been found to be very useful to the truck, bus, and general automotive industry. Even the military has found that Espar heating devices are some of the most well constructed and durable devices available for heating vehicles. Because we have been in the business of automotive and marine heating devices for over 30 years in North America, you can rest assured that when you purchase an Espar device you are getting the very best.

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